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What are the preparations for the opening of trampoline parks now?

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What are the preparations for the opening of trampoline parks now?

       The COVID-19 coronavirus is not currently the most effective control, but whether business or individual, life is always going on. After months of isolation at home, everyone couldn't wait to relax or get together with friends through a variety of entertainment. trampoline park will be a great choice. So, as a entertainment, trampoline park can take what measures to protect the health of everyone?

      We have some tips for different trampoline parks as following.
1. To ensure the health of the staff in the trampoline park, it is recommended to test the temperature and record it every afternoon;
2. You can be operating with 25% of our total occupancy, so crowds will be at a min. Sure, All visitors to the trampoline park are also required to test their temperature to ensure that they have no fever;
3. Your staff will be in PPE gear masks and gloves), maybe  you can also be taking temps when they arrive on shift;
4. You need to prepare sanitizing stations located around the park and encourage frequent use;
5. You can be enforcing social distancing and one jumper per trampoline as always;
6. You can shorten your daily business hours appropriately;
7. Every day after the end of the business, all areas in the venue including all types of equipment need to be fully to ensure that the next day can be normal business;
8. Sure, the last and most important point, you need to post the message to all your customers that your trampoline park is about to open and welcome them back.
     Finally, we hope that every trampoline park will be able to go through the most difficult period and open soon!
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